National 5 & Higher Music SQA Performing Exams – Thursday 9th March

Name Level Time
Connor Forbes H 9.00
Matthew Greig H 9.20
Matthew Lunan H 9.40
Caitlin McLeish H 10.00
Jonathan Irvine H 10.45
Victoria Scott H 11.05
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National 5 and Higher Music SQA Performing Exam Times – Wednesday 8th March

Wednesday 8th March

Name Level Time
Michael Aigbogun N5 9.00
Jordyn Cooper N5 9.15
Sean Duncan N5 9.30
Niomi Emslie N5 9.45
Morgan Fraser N5 10.00
Charlotte Garden N5 10.15
Lauryn Hill N5 10.45
Adam Ingram N5 11.00
Hannah Innes N5 11.15
Charli McIvor N5 11.30
Cole Mcleman N5 11.45
Taylor McRitchie N5 12.00
Amber Scott N5 12.15
Matthew Tough N5 13.30
Charlotte Beattie H 13.35
Brooke Carter H 13.55
Amy Crawford H 14.15
Emma Crichton H 14.35
Rachel Crichton H 14.55
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Young Musician of the Year 2017

We will be holding our annual ‘Young Musician of the Year’ competition on Thursday 23rd March 2017 in the school’s Drama Studio at 7pm.

There will be a Junior (S1-3) and Senior (S4-6) competition.

To enter, pupils must audition on either Monday 13th or Tuesday 14th March at lunch time, performing one piece of their choice to a music teacher. Pupils should sign up for the event in the music department.

After the auditions have taken place, finalists will be chosen in each category to perform at the event on Thursday 23rd March.

It is free entry to anyone who would like to attend the event.

Hope to see you there!



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Advanced Higher Music Prelim Exam Times

Thursday 9th February

Carly Dickins                       10.50

Grant Laird                          11.15

Livi Reid                                11.40

Ross Wilson                        12.05

All pupils must play as much of their 18 minute performance for the prelim exam with accompaniments.

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Higher Prelim Performance Exam Times

Wednesday 25th January

Matthew Greig                                 14.30

Matthew Lunan                               14.50


Friday 27th January

Charlotte Beattie                             11.00

Brooke Carter                                    11.15

Amy Crawford                                   11.30

Emma Crichton                                 11.45

Rachel Crichton                                 12.00

Connor Forbes                                  12.15


Jonathan Irvine                                 13.45

Caitlin McLeish                                  14.00

Victoria Scott                                     14.15

Scott Watson                                     14.30


All pupils should play as much of their 12 minute performance for the prelim with accompaniments.

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National 5 Prelim Performing Exam Times

Wednesday 25th January

Michael Aigbogun                            8.50

Jordyn Cooper                                  9.00

Sean Duncan                                      9.10

Niomi Emslie                                      9.20

Morgan Fraser                                  9.30

Charlotte Garden                             9.40

Callum Gregory                                 9.50

Lauryn Hill                                           10.00

Adam Ingram                                     10.10

Hannah Innes                                    10.20


Friday 27th January

Kieran Marwick                                 8.50

Charli McIvor                                     9.00

Cole McLeman                                  9.10

Taylor McRitchie                               9.20

Amber Scott                                       9.30

Matthew Tough                                 9.40

Natasha Walton                                9.50

Cameron Whittingham                  10.00


All pupils should play as much of their 8 minute performance for the prelim exam with accompaniments.

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National 5 Music Performing Assessment – Wednesday 30th November

Pupils should play one piece for their assessment on their 2nd instrument. Below are the performing times:

Cameron Whittingham               9.00

Natasha Walton                             9.05

Matthew Tough                              9.10

Amber Scott                                    9.15

Taylor McRitchie                           9.20

Cole Mcleman                                9.25

Charli McIvor                                 9.30

Kieran Marwick                             9.35

Hannah Innes                                9.40

Adam Ingram                                 9.45

Lauryn Hill                                      9.50

Callum Gregory                             9.55

Charlotte Garden                         10.00

Morgan Fraser                               10.05

Niomi Fraser                                  10.10

Sean Duncan                                  10.15

Jordyn Cooper                                10.20

Michael Aigbogun                        10.25

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